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Chef Leo's™ Peelers

Chef Leo's™World Famous Peeler

Chef Leo Peeler

You have watched Chef Leo™ from coast to coast demonstrate what he referred to as his potatoe peeler. You watched him peel potatoes, make french fries, peel apples, squash, cucumbers, rutabagas, carrots, corn ears and anything else that stood still long enough for him to peel. You know how a easy pull of the high carbon steel blade makes all peeling jobs so easy!

Well here is the original Chef Leo Peeler. Made in Switzerland of the finest metals in the world. Metal handle and our blade made of high carbon steel, for easy peeling and long life.

Chef Leo™ Peeler $8.99

You need more, you have to give them away or use them for useful presents! Get a 3 pack to go and save even more!
Chef Leo™ SPI-PEELERX3 $23.99

Leo Help Hint

When using the Chef Leo™peeler less pressure is always better. Easy peeling is always in the wrist action and easy pulls to peel off that outer skin! Let the blade do the work. Use the V shaped blade end to quickly cut the eye (spots where new growth is beginning) out of potatoe's as well as make french fries in a jiffy! Happy peeling!
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