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Chef Leo Spices and Rubs

Can you believe it, Summer of 2024 is upon us! Here at Chef Leo's spices we are working hard
to be sure you have all the spices you will need for summer cookout and cookin's.
That is right, not only are Chef Leo spices great for outdoor grillin and smokin, they
are also great for cookin in the kitchen. Get your orders in now, July 4th is just around
the corner. While everything around us has gone up we are holding our spice prices as they
have been for several years. Let's Get Busy Cookin'.

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News flash:

Here at Chef Leo's its always grilling time!
Chef Leo is always ready to help you turn out
the best tasting dishes on earth! You know,
"the taste that keeps em comin back for more!" ™

Only the finest spices go into Chef Leo Products.
Fresh spices and great mixes give you a product we are
proud of in each Chef Leo bottle. Thank you for shopping
with us from all of us at Chef Leo and Chef Leo Products!

Chef Leo Picture

Good Day from all of us here at Chef Leo's to you and yours! We love this time of the season, great fellowship, great food and as alway's great Chef Leo products. We recognize families need to be closer, we all need to come togather to protect ourselves from those that do not respect our love and values. Put on another pot of Camp Stew, bring the family togather, eat and enjoy.

A great shout out to all our Chef Leo family of friends!

Chef Leo's Spices™Rubs and Products

While many have tried to imitate, this is the only place where you can purchase genuine Chef Leo Products, there is a difference! Here at we love great food, we make so many families happy with products that are good for the soul and spirit!
Hit the grill...

Chef Leo was that certain breed of individual that gives our country its greatness. True entrepreneur from the word go. Most people live their lives and never take a chance. Chef Leo had a lifetime of putting his reputation out there, one pot of stew at a time. Any of you that have had the opportunity to see Chef Leo’s demonstration in person know what I’m talking about. Loud, boisterous, always laughing a thunderous laugh that comes from deep within. It harkens back to days gone, when you knew everyone even before you met them. A time when men were men, right was right and wrong still wrong. Come On in, spend some time looking around, sit back and doze off to another time!

Chef Leo™ always Thanked You for checking out our web site! "I am so excited I cannot hardly contain myself! This allows all my loyal customers the oportunity to purchase my products from anywhere in the world they may find themselves!"
Chef Leo™ traveled the country showing off his products. He could be found at Trade Shows, Outdoors Shows, Gun Shows, and Deer Classic Shows everywhere. Chef Leo's world famous potato peelers are also available on the site! Also on the horizon, Chef Leo™ cookware! Let Chef Leo™ show you how to make meals they "just can't get enough of" and supply you with the accessories to make it easy. Meat Rubs, Stew spices, Vegatble peelers, Cookware.

Come on in and make yourself at home!

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